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    Got a virus

    We can help detect
    and provide onsite support.

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    Online Presence

    We can build you a store and teach
    how to manage your own online store.

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    Want to make all your devices work
    We can help with this

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    Local Support

    Home Broadband and Small Networks
    for the small business and power home users offered.

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Recent Web Design Projects

  • Farnesiinteriors

    Farnesi Interiors are a Interior design agency based in SE19

  • Forlled UK

    Forlled UK offers information and products online

Thinking outside the box

VoIP – Voice-over-IP (Internet-Protocol) – is an affordable, Internet-based phone system that can increase your business’ flexibility and productivity. 

VoIP offers features that just aren’t available with traditional business phone systems, and can save you thousands of dollars on your long-distance and international phone bills. Tech-Cube VoIP packages offer solutions to replace or enhance your current London-based business phone system with Voice-over-IP.

Tech-Cube’ Voice-over-IP packages give you:

  • Low-cost hardware, support and upgrades
  • New features not available with older phone systems
  • Installation, maintenance, and support for London customers
  • Migration from your current business phone system to VoIP

With Voice-over-IP, your monthly rate stays constant, no matter how many calls you make. If you routinely make long-distance or international calls, our system could save you thousands of dollars. In addition, with our Internet-based business phone systems, you don’t have to make a major capital investment in equipment that will quickly be out-of-date.

With VoIP, you can access your phone system anyplace there’s an Internet connection. It’s a smart choice for cost-conscious businesses — especially businesses that also have a traveling workforce. VoIP can be used over wireless connections anywhere, so your employees can stay effective while they’re at home in London or traveling. Plus, voice-over-IP services can adapt as your business needs change, giving you the ability to scale up or down anytime.

Contact Tech-Cube today to see how much your company can save using VoIP.

London Based

Technology in a box

No solution fits all but then why reinvent the wheel if someone has already had the issue before and resolved it. We can find and help almost all IT issues with solutions and advice on how to move forward and with just a phone call away we are here to help and support you.

Ask for Paul Martin @ Tech-cube for a hassle free conversation to see if there is something we can do.


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Security Online

Stay Secure Online

There is no such thing as free anti-virus - pay for it just like petrol for a car. From as little as £25 per year, you will prevent the majority of the scams and malware from emails and browser cookies. - Call Kumar @ Tech-cube for an evaluation of your IT.